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"Photobucket is an image hosting, video hosting, slideshow creation and photo sharing website. It was founded in 2003 by Alex Welch and Darren Crystal and received funding from Trinity Ventures.[2][3] It was acquired by Fox Interactive Media in 2007..."

 "Photobucket is usually used for personal photographic albums, remote storage of avatars displayed on internet forums, and storage of videos. Photobucket's image hosting is often used for eBay, MySpace (from 2007-2009, a corporate cousin), Bebo, Neopets and Facebook accounts, LiveJournals, Open Diarys, or other blogs, and message boards. Users may keep their albums private, allow password-protected guest access, or open them to the public..."

"Since Photobucket does not allow sexually explicit or objectionable content, they may remove content at their discretion due to violations of their TOS.[8] "

This photo service has a lot of features that may be of interest to you, and it is not blocked by the CPS servers (at least when I got on today). Let me know what you think about this resource- it's pretty powerful! I especially like the slide show feature.

Learn more about Photobucket here.


K.C. Boyd said...

Cool blog and love the title Fernando!
K.C. - Dept. of Libraries

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing. This is great! Gwen Ginocchio, Norwood Park School