Chicago School Librarians to Teach Money Savvy Classes

By Lauren Barack -- School Library Journal, 5/12/2010 2:05:00 PM

"Susan Beacham thanks a four-bellied pig for giving her the edge to teach young children how to find financial footing—and for giving her firm, Money Savvy Generation, its spot on the educational map.

[Money Savvy Pig] has four tummies, four plugs at the bottom, one each for saving, spending, donating, and investing,” says Beacham, founder and CEO of Money Savvy Generation, based in Lake Bluff, IL. “If you give young children something to touch, something tangible, they can excel in a financial lesson.”

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Is there anybody out there doing this? How is it going? It sounds very interesting!


DanielleB said...

Students really were excited about learning about saving, spending, donating and investing. Students were even more excited with receiving a MONEY SAAVY bank! ( I had a raffle two per class for the banks!) Wonderful start in money awareness!

Diane said...

My school just participated in the Money Savvy Generation program this year. The students and the teachers really enjoyed the program, especially the piggy bank. I provided an excellent visual for our younger students. It is a wonderful program!